Dining Out

Boston-Area Comfort Foods To Warm You Up In The Dead Of Winter

Five restaurants with food and hospitality that will thaw your frozen self from the inside out.

French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup at Aquitaine (pictured above)

Aquitaine serves quintessential French classics in an upscale bistro setting. Dodge the icicles hanging from the South End roofs outside and order the French onion soup, or Soupe à L’Oignon Gratinée. A rich, savory broth and perfectly sweet, caramelized onions are crowned with toasted bread and melted gruyere cheese that drips invitingly down the side of the bowl.

  • January 25, 2018

Authentic Pasta Dishes In Boston

Looking for delicious pasta that reminds you of Italy? Here are some of our favorite dishes around town.

Authentic Pasta Dishes In Boston

Pasta. You can twirl it, jab it, and fill it. From saucy and savory, to delicately seasoned, you can make it any way you want when you're at home. But where in Boston are you going to find the most authentic dishes when you're craving the 'real deal,' but hoping to skip the crowds in the North End? The restaurants below, ranging in location from the Seaport area all the way out to Newton, will be sure to satisfy your pasta craving.

  • January 22, 2018

Meatless Goes Mainstream In Boston

Vegetarians and vegans used to be the anomaly. But the plant-based lifestyle is trendier than ever, and local restaurants are stepping up to meet the growing demand.

Vegetarian restaurants in Boston

Admitting that you were a vegetarian 30-some years ago elicited reactions that ranged from deep concern and bewilderment, to sheer horror. “You’ll fade away into nothing!” my grandmother would scold at every meal I shared with her. She had lived through World War II in England where meat was scarce and heavily rationed. So to her and many besides, meat had become somewhat of a status symbol, a sign that things were better, and not something to eschew.

  • January 7, 2018

Meat-Free Comfort Food At Veggie Galaxy In Cambridge

Owner Adam Penn is creating vegan/vegetarian versions of traditional diner classics that have mass appeal.

Veggie Galaxy, Cambridge, MA

Veggie Galaxy is known for its exceptional vegan/vegetarian cuisine. But don't let the plant-based mission fool you, omnivores. We're dealing with a menu chock full of comfort food and all the regular diner favorites. American classics, without the meat. And they're absolutely delicious.

  • January 2, 2018

Where To Get A Take-out Thanksgiving Dinner In Boston

This year give thanks... for a holiday meal that you won't have to cook. 

Where To Get A Take-out Thanksgiving Dinner In Boston

Let's be real - we all enjoy eating a Thanksgiving feast. But we don't all enjoy cooking it. For those of you that agree, and are finding that it's your year to provide the meal, why not opt for a letting one of our fine local establishments do the heavy lifting? 

This isn't an extensive list, but one that offers a variety of different feasts. Hurry now; most require that your orders are in by the end of this week. 


Boston Market

  • November 13, 2017

Boston Restaurants That Are Open On Thanksgiving

If you decide to take the plunge and dine out for a Thanksgiving feast this year, these are the places you're going to want to go.

Boston restaurants that are open on Thanksgiving

This is by no means a comprehensive list. In fact there are several Boston-based restaurants open on Thanksgiving.

However these restaurants undoubtedly have holiday menus that are really making our mouths water. I mean, really -- why not skip the cooking hassle and make a reservation somewhere this year?


  • November 10, 2017

Where To Get Pie In Boston

Pie is a religion around here, and lucky for us there's no shortage of places to worship. 

Where to get pie in Boston

Pie season is here. And if you're like us, you're already pulling together your game plan for how you're going to eat as much of it as possible over the next couple of holidays.

We're here to help. We've created a list of stops in Boston to include as part of your strategy. Fruit pies, chocolate pies, cream pies... they're all there. You can also pre-order pies from all of these places. Shave a little stress off of the holiday feast and pick up a couple of these babies instead? Nobody will be sad, we promise.


  • November 8, 2017

Black Magic Makes For A Seriously Spooky Cocktail

Get your creep on this Halloween with ArtBar’s Black Magic cocktail. It's as sinister as it is delicious, and comes complete with eerie fog and bubbles.

black magic cocktail

With a rich dark rum, citrus undertones, and the chocolatey hints of Porter beer, it’s a bit Pirates of the Caribbean meets Macbeth, and it's scarily tasty.

Behind the concoction is the ArtBar’s assistant director for food and beverages, Julio Henriquez. Julio was looking to amplify the flavor of beer, making it irresistible to people like himself who perhaps love spirits, but don’t have much of a taste for beer. Whichever camp you’re in, Henriquez pledges, Black Magic is sure to thrill.

  • October 19, 2017

Where Do Ice Cream And Inspiration Collide?

Ice cream parlors might be a dime a dozen in Massachusetts. But there are still places in and around Boston that you might be surprised to know are making their own ice cream behind the scenes.

Craigie on Main

Why would a busy restaurant, pizza parlor, or bakery go to the trouble of homemade ice cream?  Simply put, it tastes better; you can get the consistency just right, and be endlessly creative with flavor. And these chefs do just that, taking ice cream to new heights, and pushing the envelope with flavor combinations and innovative dessert accompaniments that you just won’t find anywhere else!


  • September 19, 2017

Week One of the Great Cider Adventure: The Boston Cider Party

The secret is out: ciders are the new craft beer. Everywhere you look, a new cider house is popping up with a delightful (and delicious) range of flavors. So, to celebrate fall in New England, we'll be releasing a new regional round-up of ciders each week for the early fall!

Artifact Cider – Perception Shift

The Massachusetts cider scene is big, and growing more every day – and Boston is a perfect microcosm of that scene, from the statesman cider houses that have been around for decades, to the young punks shooting for the stars, just grown out of their basement fermentation kits.

I was lucky enough to talk my way into both, and nearly every production line in between as I crisscrossed my city to find the best places to grab a bottle (or can) of John Adam’s favorite drink. So let’s hit the road – and I’ll show you a few of my favorite places for a pint.

  • September 3, 2017

It’s About Time Man V. Food Picked A Fight With The Durgin Cut

The Travel Channel’s popular series will be taking on the sassy waitresses and the legendary 32 oz prime rib at Boston’s iconic Durgin-Park.          

Faneuil Hall has changed a lot since founding 200+ years ago. Durgin-Park, located in its marketplace, has not. The restaurant is (almost) 100 years young, remains one of the oldest running establishments in the area, and continues to be a high-volume watering hole for locals and tourists.

  • August 17, 2017

The Best College Eats Around Amherst

We may be dealing with a small college town here, but it sure has big stomach. Here's your crash course on the local favorites for breakfast, lunch, coffee stops, dessert and of course... the late night munchies. Get ready... school's (almost) in session!

College Eats All Around Amherst | WGBH | CRAVING BOSTON

Small town vibe; big college campuses, Amherst — where the ‘h’ is (always) silent — is truly one of the great college towns in the east. But it's not just about college; this place is about so much more. There's culture farms, thriving small-business commerce, outdoors activities, and a devoted community making sure the wheels keep turning.

  • August 4, 2017

Out Of This World Sushi Rollin' Into Boston

It's magical! It's heavenly! It's... sushi! Not visionary or fictitious, these sushi rolls will give you an experience that is extraterrestrial. And the only saucers you'll need are plates of sushi and soy sauce. 

Out Of This World Sushi Rollin' Into Boston | WGBH | CRAVING BOSTON

Hey, you can count on us being the first ones piling into the car for a trip to one of the various all-you-can eat sushi buffets in the area. It's one of our favorite impromptu dining activities!

But we also like to indulge and treat ourselves to a very different sushi experience every once in a while. One that focuses on super fresh ingredients and is out to surprise our taste buds with new flavor combinations and cooking techniques.

The type of dining experience that reminds us that sushi is all about quality over quantity.

  • July 28, 2017

Worcester's Classic Food Scene Is No Joke

We explored old school Worcester with #localcelebrity, Shaun Connolly, and it turns out Wormtown has had a healthy restaurant scene for a long, long time. 

Worcester's Classic Food Scene Is No Joke I WGBH I Craving Boston

Worcester’s usually the butt of a joke but comedian Shaun Connolly knows the city’s more than a punchline. Born and raised in the “Heart of the Commonwealth,” Connolly’s roots run deep here. His mother ran halfway houses, his father was a journalist for the Worcester Telegram and Gazette and Shaun was a school teacher here for seven years while helming Worcester’s DIY comedy scene. He’s so ingrained in the community that when he moved to the North Shore in November, the city held a roast in his honor.

  • July 27, 2017

Boston Is Steaming With Hot Pots

Hot pot is a DIY eating experience that will be sure to warm your heart and soul. Here are ten spots where you can enjoy a simmering pot of soup... and cook it yourself.

Boston Is Steaming With Hot Pots | WGBH | CRAVING BOSTON

Like fondue, hot pot, or shabu shabu, is a great communal experience that you can share with friends and family, or even to break the ice on a first date. With a large simmering pot of broth in the center of the table, you get involved with your food as you pick and choose the ingredients to add and make it yours.

  • July 20, 2017