Trick Or Treat? Critics Blast Big Soda's Efforts To Fend Off Taxes

Several U.S. cities have sugary drink taxes on the ballot. As efforts to reduce soda consumption gain traction around the world, critics say the industry is using the tobacco playbook to fight back.

Forget Tomayto/Tomahto: The Real Debate Is, Should It Be Refrigerated?

In the great household debate about refrigerating tomatoes, there's some new scientific evidence on the no-fridge side. But some taste testers are not convinced.

Autumn Flush: The Best Darjeeling Tea You'll (Likely Never) Taste

Darjeeling is the "Champagne of teas," sold by distinct harvest season, or flush. But while many of India's top tea experts point to the autumn flush as their favorite, those teas are largely unknown.

Meal Kits And Chaos: Report Reveals Unsavory Side Of Blue Apron Warehouse

A recent BuzzFeed investigation found Blue Apron had poor, at times violent working conditions for employees.

A Growing Champagne Trend Is Uncorking More Ways To Celebrate

Champagne shouldn't be just for special occasions, says wine writer David White. He explains how to choose it, how to pair it with food and how small growers are changing the industry.

Chill Out: Stress Can Override Benefits Of Healthful Eating

Stress takes a toll on our bodies. And a new study suggests stress can diminish the benefits of more healthful food choices. But experts say a range of strategies can help people cope with stress.

Teen Creates App So Bullied Kids Never Have To Eat Alone

Natalie Hampton knows what it's like to have no one to sit with during school lunch. So she created Sit With Us, an app that helps kids find friendly harbors in the crowd.

What Happens When Yelp Restaurant Reviews Turn Political?

First American Fried Chicken, owned by the family of the suspect in the Manhattan bombings, is the latest eatery to see reviews plummet based on more than food. Some attacks can cross into real life.

Can A Vegan Diet Give You All You Need? German Nutritionists Say 'Nein'

Berlin has become a vegan mecca, with ice cream shops, restaurants and even butchers catering to a plant-based diet. Now Germany's nutritionists warn that a vegan diet can't provide all a body needs.

Don't Call It 'The New Ramen': Why Pho Is Central To Vietnamese Identity

Pho has a rich role in Vietnamese, Vietnamese-American, and now, American culture. That's why a video featuring a white chef explaining how to eat pho as the next trendy food angered so many.

4 Of The Best Brownies We Found In Boston

They’re not Katharine Hepburn’s infamous brownies, but trust us, they’re just as memorable.

The Largest Local Sampling of Food and Wine Happens This Weekend

The Taste of WGBH Food & Wine Festival is here! We've introduced you to many of the players. Now it's time to get excited for the big event, and if you haven't already, get your tickets today!

Bourbon Milk Punch: A Southern Classic Infused With North East Character

Evan Harrison, co-owner and bar manager of State Park and Mamaleh’s, mixes New Orleans tradition with New England love and creates the perfect cocktail to pair with Ms. Hepburn's brownies.

Food Industry Leaders Talk Trash (As In, Food Waste)

Until the festival begins on September 15th, we'll be introducing you to the chefs, wineries, brewers, and industry leaders lending local flavor to the big event. Here's another great reason to get your tickets today. 

Local Pastry Heavyweights Weigh In On Katharine Hepburn's Brownie Recipe

If you want a brownie recipe, open just about any cookbook or food blog. But if you want to know what local pastry chefs think about Katharine Hepburn’s brownie recipe, look no further. 

Dress Up Your Desserts With Buttermilk Ice Cream

"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun!" - Katharine Hepburn. This ice cream recipe is truly as spirited and unique as the lady herself.

Katharine Hepburn's Brownies Are Just As Iconic As She Is

You didn't know the spirited New England-born actress had a sweet tooth? Neither did we, until WGBH's arts editor Jared Bowen brought out her famous brownie recipe. And not only did we make them, we made our own version of them.

The Future of Local Seafood

Until the festival begins on September 15th, we'll be giving you a sneak peak into the presenters lending local flavor to the big event. Here's another enticing installment. 

Can You Turn Scraps Into Premium Products?

Entrepreneurs hope that, instead of paying bottom dollar for produce that might otherwise have ended up in the landfill, customers will pony up for high-end foods made from rescued ingredients.

Bread Grains: The Last Frontier In The Locavore Movement

Modern bakeries rely on industrial mills for their flour. But a small and growing number of bakers, chefs and pasta makers are making their own flour with the age-old method of stone milling.