Meatless Goes Mainstream In Boston

Vegetarians and vegans used to be the anomaly. But the plant-based lifestyle is trendier than ever, and local restaurants are stepping up to meet the growing demand.

Meat-Free Comfort Food At Veggie Galaxy In Cambridge

Owner Adam Penn is creating vegan/vegetarian versions of traditional diner classics that have mass appeal.

Bubbly Cocktail Recipes For Your New Year's Party

Looking forward to toasting in the New Year, but cocktails are more your scene? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

New Year's Eve Parties Around Boston You Don't Want To Miss

Will this be the year you ditch your couch and TV on NYE? With celebrations like these, we think so.  

Desserts To Help Ring In The New Year

Pastry chef Aggie Chin talks with NPR's Ailsa Chang about desserts for your New Year's Eve party. This week, it's citrus pavlova cake.

Make The Most Out Of Your Leftover Candy

It seemed like such a great idea when you were buying all that candy for the holidays. Having fun treats on hand, to offer family and friends bent on making merry, is a critical part of the festivities, is it not? Why not brighten things up with one more bag of holiday themed chocolates, so delightfully wrapped in colorful foil?

Pecan Sticky Buns Win Christmas Morning, Plus Four Other Breakfast Recipes

If there’s ever a time to go all in on a warm, cozy breakfast spread, it’s Christmas morning. Your family will be impressed.

Where To Eat In Boston On Christmas Day

There are plenty of fabulous options around town that are ready to do the heavy lifting of holiday cooking for you.

Your Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Need a hostess gift for that last minute holiday party? No clue what to get for your mother-in-law? We've got your back, dear reader. Here are fifteen gift ideas that range from fun to elegant, festive to year-round. 

Three Holiday Cocktail Recipes You're Going To Want To Make

Have you ever heard of a "Clausmopolitan"? They're fancy and oh-so tasty. Bottom's up!

Check Out These Holiday Deals On WGBH's Craft Beer Fest Tickets

It's never too early to start thinking about our craft beer festival... or the perfect holiday gift.

Classic Appetizers For Your Next Holiday Party

The hosts of generations past knew how to throw a party. Bring back these retro hits for your holiday gathering.

A Thing Or Two About Apples

True story: In the early 1800s, Leominster, MA native John Chapman traveled America’s frontier barefoot, planting apple seeds. Most of us can say we've heard of Johnny Appleseed, as he was dubbed, but we are perhaps less familiar with what happened next.

Culinary Storytelling At Juliet In Somerville

Chef Joshua Lewin is chronicling a wide range of experiences and interests through the revolving menus at the popular Union Square restaurant. 

5 Unconventional Foods From Our Neck Of The Woods

The area is full of culinary opportunity for those willing to dig a little deeper and go off the beaten path.  

What To Do With Your Leftover Thanksgiving Stuffing

In an interview earlier this week, Deb Perelman — the food blogger behind Smitten Kitchen — suggested frying leftover Thanksgiving stuffing in a waffle iron. We had no choice but to try it out for ourselves.

Six Ways To Repurpose Thanksgiving Leftovers

Even with a mountain of containers and an army of guests to off-load leftovers onto, most hosts will still end up with extras for days. And while the Thanksgiving sandwich is a thing of beauty, it can start to feel stale after day three. Here are some fresh ways to mix and match your holiday bounty into meals you’ll be thankful for.

Stuffed Pumpkins For The Thanksgiving Win

Looking for something new — but also easy to make — to add to the holiday table? This is your recipe.

Where To Get A Take-out Thanksgiving Dinner

This year give thanks... for a holiday meal that you won't have to cook. 

Here There Be Ciders

The secret is out: ciders are the new craft beer. Everywhere you look, a new cider house is popping up with a delightful (and delicious) range of flavors. So, to celebrate fall in New England, we'll be releasing a new regional round-up of ciders each week for the fall!