Can You Turn Scraps Into Premium Products?

Entrepreneurs hope that, instead of paying bottom dollar for produce that might otherwise have ended up in the landfill, customers will pony up for high-end foods made from rescued ingredients.

Bread Grains: The Last Frontier In The Locavore Movement

Modern bakeries rely on industrial mills for their flour. But a small and growing number of bakers, chefs and pasta makers are making their own flour with the age-old method of stone milling.

WGBH Food and Wine Fest Feature: Green Mountain State Takes Boston

Until the festival begins on September 15th, we'll be introducing you to the chefs, restaurants, wineries, and brewers that will bring local flavor to the big event. 

You Can Eat It Here And There: Green Eggs And Ham Are Everywhere (On Menus)

The Dr. Seuss book that made the dish famous turns 56 this month. But what does this meal taste like in real life? Chefs across the U.S. are tackling the question.

Creamed, Canned And Frozen: How The Great Depression Revamped U.S. Diets

During the Depression, cheap, nutritious and filling food was prioritized — often at the expense of taste. Jane Ziegelman and Andy Coe, authors of A Square Meal, discuss food trends of the time.

From Darkroom To Kitchen: A Time Capsule Of Recipes From Midcentury Photographers

Ansel Adams' poached eggs. William Eggleston's cheese grits casserole. Four decades after being hidden away in a museum, a collection of images and recipes from famed artists finally sees the light.

Fishing And Foraging: How To Catch Your Seafood, Ethically

Fisherman Kirk Lombard's new book teaches people to fish and forage along the northern California coast, while urging them to harvest in moderation, follow regulations and respect sea creatures.

Master Chef Turns Leftovers Into Fine Dining For Brazil's Hungry

World-renowned chef Massimo Bottura is putting his culinary skills to use with a world-class soup kitchen in Rio de Janeiro.

The Colony-Killing Mistake Backyard Beekeepers Are Making

Bee experts warn that novices may be inadvertently putting their hives in danger by not keeping the mite population in check.

How Many Calories Do Olympic Athletes Need?

To Olympians, food is fuel, and mileage may vary. Depending on their sport, contenders need to consume anywhere between 1,200 to 8,000 calories before competing.

Food Manga: Where Culture, Conflict And Cooking All Collide

In Japan, a country rich with visual storytelling, food has skyrocketed as a genre of manga — and the stories often depict a struggle for self-improvement.

'Engine Block Burritos' — And Other Road Trip Tips From Touring Musicians

Intake manifold stew. Altoids can cake. These are a few of the ideas traveling musicians have come up with to keep them going on tour. Now, they're offering advice for a summer trip on a budget.

#FoodPorn, Circa 1600s: Then And Now

A new study of old masters finds that capturing and showing off decadent and expensive meals is a decidedly old-fashioned practice. Like today's Instagrammers, it was all about projecting an image.

Oyster Archaeology: Ancient Trash Holds Clues To Sustainable Harvesting

Modern-day oyster populations in the Chesapeake are dwindling, but a multi-millennia archaeological survey shows that wasn't always the case. Native Americans harvested the shellfish sustainably.

QUIZ: How Much Do You Know About Presidents And Food?

All of those party convention speeches made us hungry. So we made a quiz to test your savvy about presidents and our favorite topic, food.

Eating Greek in Boston — 5 Authentic Spots to Try Now

If you're dreaming of a vacation to the Greek Isles but plane tickets aren't in the cards, you can at least take your taste buds there. From hearty gyros to classic ouzo to comforting avgolemono, check out these 5 spots. 

Weekly News Bites (July 21-28)

Berkowitz did bad by Hillary fans, what's on the president's plate and the one issue everyone agrees on — fried chicken forever!

BBQ and Super Subs on the Beach

Bourdain introduced Belle Isle Seafood to the world, but this quiet beach town has plenty of other good eats.

Stock Your Summer Kitchen With These 7 Prepared Foods From Local Farmers' Markets

Show love to small-batch local foodmakers (and your taste buds!) with these 7 prepared foods from area farmers’ markets.

Bored of Burgers? Grill Pizza Instead

No need to turn on your oven for great homemade pizza. Keep that grill fire burning and make something other than meat.