Make The Most Out Of Your Leftover Candy

December 21, 2017

It seemed like such a great idea when you were buying all that candy for the holidays. Having fun treats on hand, to offer family and friends bent on making merry, is a critical part of the festivities, is it not? Why not brighten things up with one more bag of holiday themed chocolates, so delightfully wrapped in colorful foil?

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Leftover candy recipes

But suddenly the holiday season is over; you didn’t count on your aunt Marge bringing seven trays of holiday cookies, and you forgot that Grandpa John brings a suitcase-sized box of chocolates every year. You’ve promised yourself you’ll never eat a dessert again, and the bowls of leftover candy lying around aren’t helping.

Throwing it all away seems wasteful. Putting it away in a closet for a later date is an option. But keep in mind chocolate products do not maintain their quality indefinitely and need to be stored in a cool dry place, ideally 55-60 degrees F. Hard candy fares better, but still should be kept free from humidity.

Donate your candy

Donating is a wonderful option, and a quick Google search will yield many worthy organizations that will happily take candy to dispense to troops overseas, shelters, or those in need.

Make crafts out of your leftovers

For the kids in your life, there are learning opportunities to be had.  Here are just a few of many crafty ways to capitalize on leftover candy:

Leftover candy recipes

Make some frozen treats

But let’s say a few days have passed, and looking at candy no longer sends you into agonies of guilt. There are creative ways to use up those leftovers, ways that might not feel so overly self-indulgent.

Not eating all the candy in one sitting is key; so how about freezing it? Chop up mini chocolate bars into small chunks and bag them for storage in the freezer. You can bring them out throughout the year to make delicious frozen treats.

Who doesn’t like to have fun toppings on hand for their ice cream or frozen yogurt sundae?Leftover candy recipes

How about milkshake? In a blender, add some milk to your favorite ice cream and some of the candy too. Mix together and sneak in some fruit if you like; bananas, strawberries and raspberries go great with chocolate, but are far from the only options. Top off with whipped cream and you're in business.

Create a Blizzard by putting softened ice cream in a blender and adding a handful of candy pieces. Pulse together, for a mouthwatering swirl of flavors, and sprinkle some extra candy chunks on the top. Leftover candy recipesOr, make your own ice cream sandwiches by scooping ice cream between two homemade cookies, and rolling on some crushed snickers.

Combine your candy with something healthy

So, maybe your freezer is full and you don’t fancy hanging on to pounds of candy. Again, a binge-fest is not recommended but you can still use up those leftovers and even add a wholesome touch to your sugar consumption.

What’s more respectable, for example, than trail mix as a healthy snack? Sure, you’ve thrown in some chopped up candy bars, but who’s noticing? And it’s delicious!leftover candy recipes

Try fruit and candy kebabs at your next gathering. They're so easy, tasty and fun!

Or just as eye-catching, create unique candy apples. Melt chocolate or caramel, then dip the apple and roll in crushed candy before cooling to set.

And don't forget, it's fondue season! This chocolate almond fondue will help you balance your sugar intake when you dip in chunks of assorted fruit. Healthy!

leftover candy recipes
Or just don't look back and make something really over the top

Lastly, for those of us ready to embrace full-on the decadence of candy-laden desserts, check out these stunning concoctions.

The Candy Brownie Trifle is truly impressive to behold. We guarantee that no sweet tooth will leave the table disappointed!

leftover candy recipesHow can you go wrong when you’re combining buttery pastry with candy, to make Candy Bar Croissants? Or ensure that you’re the hit of the party with this Cinnamon Toffee Cheesecake Dip. And the indomitable chocolate and peanut butter match up shines in this Reeses Stuffed Pie.

leftover candy recipes

Nestle Crunch Bowls with Sorbet and Sugared Mint Leaves is a unique and beautifully elegant approach to using leftover Nestle Crunch bars.

So happy holidays to you and yours, and here’s to finding yourself with plenty of leftover candy in the New Year!


  • December 7, 2017