Your Weekend Shake Guide

June 22, 2017

Celebrate the arrival of summer with one (or more) of these delicious, ice-cold, locally made favorites.

Karen Ly
Your Weekend Shake Guide | WGBH | CRAVING BOSTON

Rich, thick, sweet, and cold; what’s not to love about shakes? The blended concoction made with ice cream and milk — or blended ice and milk — or ice cream and malt — is truly the quintessential summer treat.

What's the difference between a "frappe" and a "milkshake"? It's a regional thing, and it gets complicated. You can learn more about that here. No matter the name, we’ve found some of the tastiest around for you to enjoy this weekend. Check them out:

The Chocolate Malted Frappe at Cabot's

When it comes to truly classic fountain drinks, Cabot's Ice Cream is King. The Newton-based icon has been around since 1969, and their chocolate malted frappe is locally famous. Ice cream is carefully blended with lots of chocolate syrup and malt and served in classic shake glass. Make sure you grab a couple of spoons if you're sharing - this thing is thick!

Cabot's also has vanilla, strawberry, coffe, mocha, black raspberry, pineapple, and cherry flavored syrups, if chocolate isn't your thing. They also have every other type of ice cream creation you can possibly think of, if a shake isn't the only treat on your mind.

Cabot's Ice Cream- 743 Washington St., Newton, 617.964.9200,


Milkshake Roundup In Boston | WGBH | CRAVING BOSTONAll of the different kinds of Frappes You can get at J.P. Licks

With 13 locations in and around Boston, J.P Licks makes getting a shake as easy as pie (except easier). The local favorite has one of the biggest selections of flavors in town, and you can turn any combo of them that you'd like into a super rich, super thick Frappe that will require a straw and a spoon to eat.

Time your Lick's visit around an occasion and grab a hand-packed cake while you're there. They're rich, and delicious, and perfect for summertime celebrations.

J.P. Licks Various locations,


Milkshake Roundup In Boston | WGBH | CRAVING BOSTONThe Expresso Frappe at Amorino Gelato

Amorino Gelato is a smaller, world chain that offers authentic Italian gelato, hot and cold drinks, and sweet treats including a variety of gourmet Frappes.

We recommend the Espresso Frappe; made with a coffee gelato and fresh Chantilly cream. it's lighter than our other recommendations, but just a refreshing and includes a little caffeine kick for an afternoon pick-me-up. Try the tiramisu frappe If you're looking for something sans the coffee. The creamy, smooth texture and homemade whipped cream are a sweet delight.

Don't forget to pick up some macarons while you're there; they're an Amorino specialty and come in a variety of flavors including mango, and caramel.

Amorino Gelato- 249 Newbury St. Boston, 617.585.3185,


Milkshake Roundup In Boston | WGBH | CRAVING BOSTONThe $2 Shakes at Sullivan’s

No trip to Castle Island is complete without a stop at Sullivan’s. After a free tour of Fort Independence, you can grab yourself a sweet treat that'll keep you and your wallet cool. The $2 shakes are thick and come in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or coffee flavors. And don’t fret the long line; it moves fast and is worth the wait. 

Pack a blanket and set up a picnic nearby so that you can enjoy the gorgeous view of the Boston Harbor while sipping your treat.

Sullivan’s- 2080 Day Blvd. South Boston, 617.268.5685,

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