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All The Simple Syrup Recipes You'll Ever Need

One of the most essential bar ingredients a home bar needs—outside of the liquor cabinet—is simple syrup. Many cocktails benefit from a little added sugar to counteract bitterness and acid. Because granulated sugar is tough, if not impossible, to dissolve in cold liquids (especially alcohol), simple syrup becomes the perfect way to add sweetness to a drink. 

As the name implies, simple syrup is incredibly easy to make. Combine one part sugar with one part warm or hot water, shake it up to dissolve the sugar, and there you have it! Simple syrup! 

  • December 15, 2015

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice! It's Giftable Homemade Granola.

The hectic holiday season has officially arrived. With it, the too long ‘to do’ lists and days that aren’t long enough to get everything done. There are likely a lot of special people on your gift list and if you are like me, the thought of checking everyone off without breaking the bank can be daunting. So the question is, how do you give thoughtful gifts on a small budget?

That One Recipe That Will Make You Love Cauliflower

My relationship with cauliflower has always been a little lukewarm. Indifferent. I'm always noticing that it's the last picked vegetable on the crudité platter and it's often an under-seasoned afterthought.

But roasting cauliflower florets with bacon fat gives the vegetable a new texture and flavor: smoky, savory and incredibly addictive. I think this recipe makes just enough of the vinaigrette to bring out those bacon qualities, while keeping its crisped edges intact. Serve this hot out of the oven and make anyone a cauliflower convert!

The Most Delicious Way to Eat Fruit This Winter

There's an alchemy that occurs when roasting fruit.  It becomes both sweeter and more savory as the flavors meld and concentrate in the oven; mid-winter's answer to a ripe September peach eaten over the sink. 

Here, Lidia Bastianich lets pears and grapes soften in a bath of Moscato wine and sugar, the sweetness tempered with tangy apricot jam, heady vanilla and a little lemon. So good.

Spoon the reduced juices over the fruit and serve with a scoop of the best vanilla gelato or ice cream you can get your hands on.  And of course, a glass of that Moscato. 

A Budget-Friendly Meal That's Rich With Italian Flavor

Served over spaghetti or polenta, or tucked into crusty bread with melted cheese for a sandwich, meatballs are the ultimate Italian comfort food.  

A very budget-friendly recipe, the ground beef (already an inexpensive cut) stretches even further — and is made more moist and flavorful — with the addition of eggplant, Italian sausage and Grana Padano cheese, the less pricey cousin of Parmigiano-Reggiano. 

The meatballs can be made a day ahead and leftovers freeze beautifully, right in the tomato sauce...but with a dinner this delicious, they'll be gone before you know it. 

  • December 7, 2015