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Baked Mac And Cheese Gets A Grown-Up Makeover

Leeks, pancetta, white cheddar, and a little Comté — this is a "mac and cheese" for grown-up tastebuds. Bacon is certainly a popular addition to mac and cheese these days, but the pancetta lends a peppery undertone, and yields a bit more rendered fat for the base. I season this dish with even more pepper throughout the cooking process, which enhances the flavor of the cheddar (or maybe I'm just really addicted to black pepper).

Chef Dave's Almond Skordalia

Skordalia, a traditional Greek dip or spread, has a base of potatoes, almonds, and plenty of garlic. “For a rough estimate, think one garlic clove per person when serving,” Chef Dave says. It's all about "really good ingredients with enough seasoning.” He adds that the cumin and coriander are optional — taste as you go.

Organic, Small-Batch Syrups That Are Anything But Simple

Add more than just a twist to your next cocktail with these enticing, Maine-made syrups.

Organic, Small-Batch Syrups That Are Anything but Simple | WGBH | Craving Boston

When it comes to design, the best results come from a combination of well-laid plans and well-chosen ingredients. That holds true whether you’re building a house, or building cocktails — something Forrest Butler is particularly well-suited to discuss. In 2008, he was laid off from his job as an architectural designer in New York City; unable to find work in his field again, he returned to his roots in bartending. It was a fortuitous choice. He and his wife, Emily, are now the duo behind Royal Rose Simple Syrup.

  • February 16, 2016

The One Dessert You Should Be Making For Your Valentine

Everyone's always gushing about chocolate, chocolate, chocolate for Valentine's Day while I'm over here like, "Um, vanilla please!" It's true that chocolate has become synonymous with theholiday, perhaps because of its aphrodisiac qualities, but vanilla is not to be overlooked. Its alluring scent is thought to stimulate and arouse. Besides, is there any dessert more seductive than a classic vanilla créme brûlée? Not for me.

Heat Up Your Valentine's Day With These Spicy Chocolate Chews

Making candies can seem like a daunting task for any home cook, but with recipes like this one, it can be simple! Usually, when you make candy you need to bring sugar up to a precise temperature and the whole thing can be very fussy. But making these tootsie rolls is as easy as melting some chocolate and mixing a few ingredients into it. When you make homemade candies though, I think it's important to put your own spin on them. That’s why I added some cinnamon and chile and used a local stone ground chocolate as the base. Yum.

You Put the (Chile) Lime in the Coconut (Popcorn)

Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks, especially for late night TV watching. On its own, the kernels are very low calorie, but I have a tendency to dump on enough butter to drown a small bird. Sound familiar? For this recipe, I set out to make a seasoning that was spicy, sour, salty, and a little sweet—one to indulge my midnight snacking habits without ruining a whole day of healthy living. Addictive, with Thai tastes that really pop, this is a snack so satisfying you'll never miss the butter deluge.

Super-Fast Shrimp Tacos That Taste Like Vacation

Ground beef was starting to feel blah. So I decided to liven up taco night with sweet shrimp, made smoky with a little shower of powdered chipotle and finished with a drizzle of chipotle-lime crema. 

In an effort to avoid soggy tacos, I've opted to skip the salsa and keep things simple with the tropical taste of mango and creamy avocado cubes, a nice contrast to the crisp shredded lettuce and juicy shrimp.