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Baked French Toast: The Perfect Mother's Day Brunch at Home

Let’s start with a big shout out and thank you to all the mothers, grandmothers, step-mothers, mother-in-laws, and aunts out there who love, nurture, listen, and give of themselves all year long. Many do this through food, and since this is a Mother’s Day brunch recipe, I’m sharing a twist on my own mother’s favorite breakfast treat — French toast.

  • May 3, 2016

This Is Not Your Average Reuben

Here at Craving Boston, we recently explored the Jewish deli scene in the city. Now I'm here to help you recreate that experience at home. Last week, I dove headfirst into the week-long project of making a Reuben sandwich fully from scratch. I corned the beef in my refrigerator, fermented the sauerkraut in my bedroom (hello ladies, I'm single!), made the Thousand Island dressing, and even baked the marbled rye! It was quite the endeavor, but when I finally shared the sandwiches with my friends, it was all worth it.

  • May 1, 2016

This Sandwich Mash-up is Inspired by the Opening of Red Sox Season

April in Boston means opening day, and once baseball season starts, so do the hot dog cravings. I have always been a big Red Sox fan, but living on Queensberry street during the 2013 championship season brought my fan level to new heights and also brought my hot dog obsession to the next level. During home games, it was easy for me to walk out my door, wander over to Lansdowne, and grab a dog from the nearest street vendor. It was always such a rush to hear the crowd and see all the excited people so close to where I lived!

Yes, Your Doritos Deserve a Drink Pairing

Pull your sleeves up and get out your tasting journals. We're digging in to some pretty unconventional, budget-friendly, and absolutely perfect food and drink combos here. 

Yes, Your Doritos Deserve a Perfect Drink Pairing | WGBH | Craving Boston

Sometimes you need a snack. And we're not talking about the kind you find in an organic bulk-foods bin, or the crisper drawer. There are events — whether they be a late night study session or an afternoon game — that call for something that smacks of sweet childhood nostalgia, or turns the tips of your fingers orange.

We know these nibbles make you thirsty, but put down the Big Gulp for a minute and come in close, we have to share a little secret —  even your low-brow noshing deserves something better.

  • April 10, 2016