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Meet The Dessert Equivalent Of Love At First Sight

There's a romantic holiday just around the corner, and there's something about romance that tends to spark a little creativity in some of us. Rather than let a restaurant take all the glory for a delicious confection, get inspired and let your creative juices flow. Baking not your thing? Not to worry. If you’d still like to make an impressive dessert for dinner guests – or that special someone – we have the answer. The Crepe Cake. Baking prowess is replaced with simple patience — the patience to stand at the stove for a bit and master the art of the crepe.

  • February 6, 2017

3-Ingredient Holiday Recipes

Holiday party season is in full swing. Whether you’re hosting or attending, here are a few recipes that are so yummy no one would ever guess they’re also super quick and easy. Because who has excess time to fuss around in the kitchen this time of year? Not you! Gluten free? Vegetarian? No problem! Use these 3-ingredient recipes to please the whole range of party guests, and still have the energy to carry on a conversation. 

For the Carnivores: Bacon, Date & Chorizo Bites

  • December 9, 2016

Katharine Hepburn's Brownies Are Just As Iconic As She Is

Just as tastes change over time, so do recipes — even the humble brownie. The original 1896 publication of The Boston Cooking School Cookbook by Fannie Farmer included a recipe for “Brownies,” but with molasses instead of chocolate! It was essentially what we would refer to today as a “blondie.” By the 1930 edition, two brownie recipes appeared in Fanny Farmer’s cookbook, and their order showed the preference of the time — with chocolate in the lead.

Bored of Burgers? Grill Pizza This Weekend!

I'm always hard-pressed to turn on my oven in the summer. I'm also pretty obsessed with cooking anything and everything possible on the grill. That naturally leads to a lot of meat and veggie dishes. Of course, there are endless combinations of meat and vegetables to keep me grilling all summer long, but sometimes I want something a little different. Something that's vegetarian but still a hearty meal. That's where grilled pizza comes in.

Local Brews Add A Unique Touch To This Traditional Grilling Recipe

An amazing number of new breweries have opened in Massachusetts in the past few years, and more just keep coming! Once I got over the kid-in-a-candy-store phase, it was time to start putting these beers to work in recipes. You can replace some or all the liquids in many of your favorite recipes with beer. Next time you make pulled pork, try adding IPA. A nice pilsner adds an herbaceous quality to chili. Brown Ale adds great depth of flavor to cheese sauce.

4 Summertime Foods to Elevate the Plate

Sometimes, it's the little things that really make your palate pop. 

4 Summertime Foods to Elevate the Plate | WGBH | Craving Boston

The produce is gorgeous, the weather is warm, your wine or beer is chilled to perfection (right?!) and we bet you’ve been firing up the grill.

But one cannot live on charred meats alone. Sure, burgers and dogs are always in fashion, but there are summer foods to serve alongside the main meal that really take things to the next level.  Think of these four foodstuffs as the designer socks, the red lip, the silk scarf to your summer spread — that little extra something that elevates the whole ensemble.


1. Nola’s salsa fresca (pictured above)

  • July 20, 2016