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Classic Appetizers For Your Next Holiday Party

The hosts of generations past knew how to throw a party. Bring back these retro hits for your holiday gathering.

Classic Appetizers for your Holiday Party

Devils on horseback

Also known as bacon-wrapped dates, Devils on horseback are dead simple and incredibly delicious - far more than the sum of their parts. And they sure know how to scratch the itch for salty, sweet, nutty, crisp and chewy all at once.

Makes 20


  • December 7, 2017

Six Ways To Repurpose Thanksgiving Leftovers (That Aren’t A Sandwich)

Even with a mountain of containers and an army of guests to off-load leftovers onto, most hosts will still end up with extras for days. And while the Thanksgiving sandwich is a thing of beauty, it can start to feel stale after day three. Here are some fresh ways to mix and match your holiday bounty into meals you’ll be thankful for.

Thanksgiving leftovers

Quiche (pictured above)

Got an extra pie crust you didn’t use when you found out Aunt Myrtle was bringing three pumpkin pies? Quiche is the ultimate receptacle for all of the bits of turkey, awkward amounts of vegetables and herbs, extra eggs and cream and the cheese left on the board from cocktail hour.

The fillings in this recipe are merely suggestions. Feel free to throw in anything you desire, as long as you leave a bit of room for the custard. Serve warm, cold or room temperature with a small salad for a delightful lunch.

  • November 27, 2017

Stuffed Pumpkins For The Thanksgiving Win

Looking for something new — but also easy to make — to add to the holiday table? This is your recipe.

Stuffed pumpkins for Thanksgiving

Each Thanksgiving my family descends on my aunt’s home in Canton. Between sixty and seventy of us spend the day chatting, drinking my uncle’s killer spiked eggnog, and eating the entire day away.

My Italian heritage means there is course after course of amazing food. It also means everyone contributes something to the table. I bring a pumpkin.

  • November 16, 2017

There's Booze In These Soups (And We're Not Mad About It)

As the weather turns colder and the days get short, this is the perfect time to add a little kick to those bowls.

boozy soups

The foliage is gorgeous. The nights are crisp. Halloween and Thanksgiving come around. With the exception of tons of raking and bagging leaves, autumn is pretty awesome.

High up on my list of reasons for the season is the food we can enjoy now the heat of summer is behind us. Don’t get me wrong, I adore picnicking and barbecuing (which I do year-round anyway), and dining al fresco is still my favorite way to go.  I’m just saying autumn is a great time for recipes that otherwise might be too intense for hot days and nights.

  • October 19, 2017

Better Baking Techniques For Better Desserts, Plus The Foolproof Pie Crust

This weekend's episode of Milk Street Kitchen challenges old-school baking practices to create a better flourless cake. And Chris learns how to make a foolproof, single-layer pie crust that's fit for one of the tastiest tarts around. 

In this weekend's episode of Milk Street Kitchen, Christopher Kimball goes to London’s Violet Bakery to visit with rising pastry star Claire Ptak, and learns some of her baking techniques, like under-whipping egg whites for a lighter cake. He puts the practice to work, making chocolate, prune and rum cake with Milk Street Cook Mathew Card.

  • September 18, 2017

The Bowtie Is Back! And He's Exploring Home Cooking, Chinese Style

In this weekend's premiere of Milk Street Kitchen, Christopher Kimball explored a Chinese approach to home cooked meals and learned how to make Chinese white-cooked chicken with ginger-soy dressing, and a hot oil-flashed chard with ginger, scallions and chili at home. 

In the premiere of Milk Street Kitchen, Christopher Kimball visited world traveler and cookbook author Fuchsia Dunlop in London to learn about the Chinese approach to cooking, and learned how to get perfectly cooked chicken every time. The trick? Focus on the meat; not the skin. 

Those techniques got put into action when Milk Street Cook (and Craving Boston alum) Catherine Smart showed Chris how to make a delicious Chinese white-cooked chicken with ginger-soy dressing.

  • September 7, 2017

Homemade Blueberry Ice Cream + Where To Get The Best Seasonal Ice Cream Now

National Ice Cream Month may be over, but there's still plenty of blazing hot days left this summer, which means there’s still plenty of time to indulge in summer’s favorite treat. Besides, here in New England we definitely don’t need any excuses to eat more ice cream. As of 2015, Rhode Island ranked 2nd in the U.S. for ice cream consumption, trailing only Washington DC. Massachusetts came in 4th, Connecticut was 6th, and New Hampshire came in 9th. 40% of the top 10?

Here Are 5 Summer Cocktails To Make With Wine

It's hot out there. And a great time to add a little simple syrup and muddled fruit to your favorite wines, and churn out some refreshingly boozy drinks.

​Summer time is lazy time. When the days are at their longest and the sun at its hottest, smart mixologists turn to recipes that are easy to make, easy to like, and play nice with whatever is searing on the grill.

Here are five cocktail recipes sure to turn up the fun and have you sipping sunshine in no time.

  • June 19, 2017

Make Delicious Soft Pretzels, Right In Your Own Kitchen

We all love the smell of those soft pretzels at the mall, but why go buy just one when you can make a dozen yourself?

Soft pretzels are actually not as difficult to make, or shape, as they may seem. The 6-ingredient dough comes together in a matter of minutes, and in under 2 hours you can have delicious homemade pretzels that that will satisfy any soft pretzel craving, and save you a trip to the mall. Personally, I’d rather make my kitchen smell that yummy anyway!

Here are a few tips to successful soft pretzels at home:

The Only Sides You Need for Your St. Paddy's Day Dinner

Whether you’re planning on Corned Beef, Irish Stew, or another traditional dish for your St. Patrick’s day feast, these are the only two side dishes you’ll need on the table.

Colcannon is a lesser-known Irish accompaniment, which is really a shame because it’s just about the most delicious mash-up you can imagine. Creamy mashed potatoes meet tender green cabbage and buttery sautéed leeks. You can cook up the greens while the potatoes are boiling, and everything comes together in a snap. Simplicity never tasted so good! 

  • March 13, 2017