4 Low-Cal Cocktails To Get Excited About This Summer

June 26, 2016

Vodka soda? Yawn. Happily, we found four super-refreshing drinks around Boston that won't pack on the pounds. 

Skylar Griggs
4 Low-Cal Cocktails to Get Excited About This Summer | Craving Boston | WGBH

Here in New England, we get just three months of sunshine, beach, and outdoor cocktail hours. Some flock to Cape Cod and the Islands, the Maine coast or New Hampshire lakes. But for those avoiding the 93-South traffic vortex, or the never-ending northern bridge construction — Boston will do just fine, thank you. We can carve our own tranquil, urban oases on city patios and in lively bars with a cocktail.

The challenge? Drinking those refreshments without derailing healthy routines. Concerns over alcohol consumption and weight gain are, unfortunately, well founded; there are nearly 1800 calories in that big frozen daiquiri! 

Don’t worry, we've got healthier ways for you to imbibe.

Here are four of our favorite lower-calorie local summer cocktails.

4 Low-Cal Cocktails to Get Excited About This Summer | Craving Boston | WGBH

1. Lotus Sour at Tiger Mama Boston

Tiffani Faison's new small-plates outpost is a little slice of Southeast-Asian paradise right in Fenway. With living walls, lush ferns and even a mirrorball elephant, it's a great place to party.

From the outside this cocktail looks like a kale smoothie — dark and green. Don’t be fooled, this drink gets its shade from the matcha infused Sapphire East gin.

The powdered tea has been gleaning attention lately for good reason; matcha is a rich source of the antioxidants called polyphenols. Some studies suggest polyphenols may offer protection against heart disease and cancer, while promoting blood sugar and pressure control.

Apricot is added for a touch of fruity sweetness, egg white for creamy froth, and it’s finished with a squeeze of lemon to make it pop. 

Tiger Mama Boston – Fenway, 1363 Boylston St., Boston, 617.425.6262, tigermama.com 

2. Bees Knees at Ferry Street Malden

The scene is neighborhood tavern meets living room. Jason and Shannon Ladd opened Ferry Street in Malden in 2013 at the former home of Revere Knitting Mills. Simple and satisfying, like the bar itself, the Bee’s Knees has only Ford's Gin, honey and lemon juice. This combo gives this cocktail a sour edge without the mix, leaving you with a cool, refreshing cocktail. 

Ferry Street Food and Drink - 118 Ferry St., Malden, 781.321.0265, ferrystreetmalden.com


3. Grande Dame at Yvonne’s (pictured above)

This sceney reincarnation of a classic supper club was once home to Boston's legendary Locke-Ober Restaurant. Step inside and you are transported to New York style speakeasy with artisanal cocktails, high energy and excellent people watching.

Saddle up at the intricately carved wooden bar and get yourself a Grande Dame, with Don Julio blanco, ancho chile, lime and cucumber. The cucumber softens the tart bite of lime without lots of sugar. The drink's name is a nod to this Boston Globe article, which quoted a Locke-Ober patron as saying Boston was “losing one of its grande dames” with the iconic restaurant's closing.

Yvonne’s Boston - 2 Winter Pl., Boston, 617.267.0047, yvonnesboston.com

4. Elderflower martini at Osteria Nino

Sip on a delicate elderflower martini at this suburban Italian spot. A floral mix of vodka, St. Germain, dry vermouth and lemon, it will transport you right to the lavender scented breezes of Provence.  A little bit of southern France to go with your Italian fare.

On a warm evening, take in the outdoor patio with wood burning pizza oven. You can ask the bartender to go a bit light on the elderflower and put those calories to good use on a margherita pizza or pasta pomodoro — a reasonable portion size, of course.

Osteria Nino - 19 3rd Ave, Burlington, 781.272.1600, osterianino.com



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