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Whether you want to learn more about how innovation is affecting our fare culture, read about a new restaurant, or to look for a locally inspired recipe for dinner tonight, we're your destination for all things food in Boston and New England.

Amanda Balagur

Amanda is a marketing consultant and food journalist based in Boston. She recently received her M.A. in gastronomy from Boston University, where she focused on food history, culture & communications. She has a background in radio and podcasting and loves to dj, even if it's just for the benefit of her cats and neighbors.

Lisa Robin Benson

Lisa is an artist and writer native to the Boston area. She channels the same creativity of art making into her love of food. The process of mixing paint and composing words during the day translates into stirring sauces and arranging dinner on the plate at night. She loves discovering new cuisine from various cultures, and has eaten her way through Italy and Japan. She spends her free time writing at cafes and discovering new restaurants with her husband.

Jillian Bernardini

Originally from the rural region of southern New Jersey, Jillian has been working, learning, and eating her way through Boston for the past five years. She holds her M.A. in gastronomy from Boston University, works at the award-winning Island Creek Oyster Bar, and writes on her personal blog, Jill Eats. Jillian is constantly dreaming up recipes, reading Food52, and roaming around the city’s farmers’ markets. Ice cream is her weakness.

Ellen Bhang

Ellen is a Boston-based food and wine writer whose stories appear weekly in The Boston Globe. A Southern California native with fond memories of the Pacific Northwest, she has been known to drop everything for a petrolly riesling or glass of fino.

Carolyn Bick

Carolyn is a photographer and writer in the Boston area with a penchant for covering just about everything. She holds an MS-and-a-half in two different kinds of journalism from Boston University (still in the process of submitting that final project). She is neither a foodie, nor great at writing about herself – she actually thinks it’s really weird. Still, she likes a good vegan pizza, and adores som tum salad (hold the shrimp and fish sauce). And definitely no lutefisk, please. Her mother served it for dinner one night, when she was younger. A hazmat team was rushed in, and the family ended up ordering pizza.

Bob and Denise Blumenthal

Bob and Denise love to cook and eat great food.  Denise, the former Education Director at WGBH, is an educational consultant.  Bob is an award-winning jazz author and journalist and a former columnist for the Boston Globe and the Boston Phoenix.  Wherever they go, whether in their hometown of Newton, Massachusetts or on their travels in the US or abroad, they are always on the prowl for the perfect meal.

Adam Centamore

Adam is a professional educator who conducts private and corporate cheese and wine tasting experiences. He is certified by the Elizabeth Bishop Wine Program, and is a member of the French Wine Society and Society of Wine Educators. He is also the Maitre d'Fromage for the Boston chapter of the Chevalier du Tastevin, a prestigious French wine society. By day, Adam works at Bin Ends Wines, an award-winning wine shop. He also teaches and has worked at Formaggio Kitchen, a world-renowned cheese importer featuring artisanal cheeses, charcuterie, and condiments from Europe and the United States. Adam enjoys eating, drinking, and talking about it!

Danielle DeSiato

Danielle grew up in the food world - specifically the Italian restaurant her grandparents owned in Syracuse, NY. She spent countless hours helping her grandmother in the restaurant, and annoying all of the cooks. Her studies at Syracuse University led her to a career in Advertising, but in 2009 she left the Ad world for culinary school at Newbury College. Shortly thereafter she joined the team at America’s Test Kitchen, first as a Photo Team Test Cook and then an Associate Editor for the Book Team. She contributed to 11 cookbooks including The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook, The Quick Family Cookbook, and Foolproof Preserving. Danielle is now a freelance recipe developer and food writer who calls Brookline home. When not in the kitchen, she can be found running with November Project, hiking, dancing and, of course, eating to fuel all of that activity. But her favorite food is still pizza, the first thing her grandfather ever taught her to make.

Skylar Griggs

Skylar is a Boston-based dietitian for the Preventive Cardiology Program at Boston Children’s Hospital, and a nutrition contributor for various publications including The Boston Globe and FOX25 News Boston. She works with adults, children and families to find simple and sustainable ways to integrate positive nutrition habits into their day-to-day lives.

Nicole Fleming

Nicole is a Boston Globe correspondent, freelance writer, and author of The Girl Who Ate Boston food blog. She studies journalism at Northeastern University. When she isn’t eating great food and telling people about it, she watches film noir and plays video games to revive her appetite.

Brooke Jackson-Glidden

Brooke is a local freelancer and dumpling aficionado based in Allston. As an undergrad at Boston University, she’s written extensively for the Boston GlobeBoston Magazine, and various local food blogs. She loves chatting with chefs, lying on hardwood floors after big meals, and walking around unknown neighborhoods with food in her hands. She also has a complicated relationship with burritos, and an unhealthy obsession with Jamaica Plain. One time, a waiter in Atlanta told her she had an exquisite palate -- she’s referenced it in job interviews ever since.

Amanda Kersey

Amanda is the associate producer of WGBH’s weekly arts-and-culture show Open Studio with Jared Bowen. Previously, Amanda was the production assistant for Greater Boston and Beat the Press. She spends her off-hours in her well-worn Somerville kitchen cooking Mexican to Indian and would languish without her copy of Cook's Illustrated.

Lisa Johnson

Lisa is a freelance writer and attorney based in Quincy. She writes about life, food and current events on Anali’s Next Amendment and seasonally as an organizer at Kwanzaa Culinarians. Lisa has a wicked sweet tooth and loves to bake. She enjoys yoga and shares free yoga classes found in the Boston area at Free Yoga Boston, an online community she founded and manages. Among other publications and websites, Lisa has written for AOL, AAA Horizons Magazine, BlogHer, LegalZoom, South Shore Living Magazine and The Atlantic.

Liz Koch

Liz is a Boston native who lives to eat and travel.  She holds an M.A. in gastronomy from Boston University with concentrations in communications and business.  Constantly curious about production methods and processes, Liz is always on a quest for behind the scenes looks at how her favorite foods are crafted.  She writes about her adventures in food and travel on her personal blog The Wayfaring Hedonist

Sara Lindquist

Sara is a Boston-based cocktail enthusiast and bon vivant. Outside of her job in real estate, she enjoys mixing drinks and entertaining for friends in her tiny Beacon Hill apartment, and eating and imbibing at restaurants and bars – and Instagramming her favorites – throughout the greater Boston region. 

Leah Mawson

Leah is a southern transplant and new mother dedicated to growing, cooking and eating great food. She has spent the last decade building a career centered on her love of food and hospitality, working at some of the top restaurants in Boston including The Butcher Shop and Eastern Standard. For Leah, the act of eating is more than a passion, it shapes her way of life.

Luke O'Neil

Luke is a journalist who lives in Watertown, MA. He's written about bars and cocktails locally for many years for the Boston Globe, Boston Phoenix, Boston Metro, Boston Magazine, and in national publications like the Wall Street Journal. He's currently a writer-at-large for Esquire.com where he covers politics, arts, and culture. 

Matt Priven

Matt is a Registered Dietitian in private practice, seeing clients in Boston and Newburyport, MA. Not only a contributor to WGBH’s Craving Boston, Matt is also a published author in multiple scientific journals. He loves coffee, live music and, above all, helping people achieve their nutrition goals. Check out his website to find out more about his practice.

Elisha Siegel

Elisha is a writer, comedian and restaurant professional living in Somerville, MA. Born in Vancouver, Canada and raised cage-free in New England he is a graduate of McGill University and a former fellow at The Writer’s Institute at CUNY. He spends his free time taste-testing candy, cage fighting and updating his online portfolio, barelyliterate.me.

Meg Tripp

Meg is Director of Editorial Strategy at Sametz Blackstone Associates, a Boston-based branding firm. More simply put, she spends her days writing words, editing words, and making sure the right words go in the right places. Her true loves in life, besides her amazing family, are cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients (which she does daily), coffee (which she drinks daily), music (which she sings and dances to daily), Boston sports (which she screams at nearly daily), and road trips (not daily, of course... but just often enough). 

Dan Whalen

Dan is the founder and creator of the popular recipe blog The Food in my Beard, and author of Stuffed: The Ultimate Comfort Food Cookbook. In the eight years since the website’s inception, he has published over 1000 recipes that have been viewed over 15 million times. He has been featured in publications such as Saveur, Bon Appetit, Serious Eats, Fine Cooking, Boston.com, MSNBC, and Huffington Post. When not working, Dan can usually be found looking for inspiration at indie rock shows, watching scripted TV series, taking classes at Improv Boston, eating out with his friends, or playing Super Mario.